An invitation only series of summits for Portland brand executives


PDX Marketing Forum
June 3, 2020

The PDX Marketing Forum is an invitation only summit for marketing executives from the leading brands in the Portland area. 


PDX Executive Forums
Leadership Academy
October 13-14, 2020

A collaborative effort between the Leadership Board of the PDX Executive Forums and Portland State University's Center for Executive & Professional Education, The Leadership Academy is a two day intensive curriculum designed to accelerate the professional development of high potential cross functional business leaders. Click here to view the 2019 curriculum.


PDX Corporate Counsel Forum
September 29, 2020

The PDX Corporate Counsel Forum is an invitation only summit for in house counsels. Hosted at the Moda Center, the Forum Advisory team includes Senior Corporate Counsel executives from Nike, the Trail Blazers, Pacific Seafood, Insitu, Flir, Planar & Erickson, Inc.  



PDX HR Leadership Forum
December 1, 2020
PDX Operations Leadership Forum
October 27, 2020
PDX Finance Leadership Forum
November 10, 2020
PDX CEO Invitational 


The PDX CEO Invitational is a private gathering for CEOs and Presidents from the largest and most prominent companies in the Portland Metro. 




PDX Technology Leadership Forum
September 15, 2020


PDX Sales Leadership Forum 2020 Date TBA

An Executive Community Led By Your Peers

The PDX Executive Forums are designed to create an environment of sharing best practices in a private, off the record format. Each series of forums are led by an executive leadership team. These executives are responsible for driving the strategic direction of each forum. 


The forums were created to build a stronger community among brand executives in the greater Portland Metro area. Speakers, topics, attendees and partners are selected through a nomination process and participate by invitation only.  



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 Speakers include executives from Portland's leading brands



For any inquiries please contact info@pdxexecutiveforums.com


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